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Rachel Blakewell Cardigan By Herdwear

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Until recent times the words “sexy” and “cardigan” rarely appeared in the same sentence, but this perfect piece by Rachel Blakewell x Herd is a perfect example of the genre. So romantic. So strokeable. The bows elevate it way above your standard jeans-and-a-jumper look, but it’s still simple enough to be a long-term wardrobe stapleLauren Bravo, Author & Journalist.

The ecru cable cardigan is cropped and ties in two  bows at the front with two pairs of textured black ribbon. Carefully designed and made in England by Herdwear, from Bluefaced Leicester wool, this considered cardigan is made within 150 miles soil to skin in N.W England and is free from chemicals. The organic cotton ribbon is created using plant dyes.

"I was first drawn to HERD because of their truly sustainable ethos - there is no harm, waste, or unnecessary travel, with everything being made naturally using the finest wool here in England. Being part of the design process and bringing garments to life has been incredibly special and I have enjoyed every moment! This incorporates my love of bows to create my dream knitwear that I will wear for years to come. It's the perfect balance of comfort, romance and style with an enduring quality and sustainability"
Rachel Bakewell, Art Director & Fashion Stylist.
The Rachel Bakewell Cardigan is made from fully traceable, super soft Bluefaced Leicester sheep wool, which they source at a fair price from farmers in N.W. England, and then process and make into yarn within 150 miles of the farms. Some shades are undyed, using blends of cream and brown Bluefaced Leicester fleece. When dyed, we only use plant extracts and naturally occurring mordants. The ribbon is organic cotton, dyed using plants in Derbyshire.  

Washing instructions: Wool requires minimal washing. Dab clean or hand wash in cool water if needed.