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Make Your Own Face Cream DIY Kit

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A wonderful gift or a bit of self pampering, this DIY kit for face cream explains in a few simple steps how to make your very own homemade formula. It's perfect for sensitive skin and free from parabens, sulphates and synthetic fragrances. A thoughtful present and great personal project to help you stay natural and radiant. 

•Organic rosehip oil - Very high in polyunsaturated fatty acids - great for skin regeneration, improving the appearance of scars, reducing wrinkles, and protecting from sun damage.
•Organic jojoba oil - High in proteins, vitamins and mineral salts (particularity rich in vitamin E – great for maintaining healthy skin). Absorbs into deep layers of skin, soothing, unclogging pores and acting as an anti-inflammatory. Improves skin softness and moisture and can help to reduce fine lines.
•Organic orange essential oil - High levels of vitamin C, great for protecting and healing skin. Good at fighting the bacteria and inflammation of the skin that can lead to acne.
•Organic candelilla Wax - Natural preservative and emulsifier. Very high levels of fatty acids, great for skin healing and soothing. High in vitamin A - good for skin rejuvenation. Great at not clogging pores and letting the skin breathe.

1 tablespoon of candelilla wax
25ml jojoba oil
25ml rosehip oil
8 drops of organic orange essential oil
60ml glass jar
recipe card

Ingredients to make 60ml of cream.

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