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Box of Magic Corners By Planet Junko

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Let you kids' imaginations run wild whilst helping the planet! They will love using this box of 50 amazing J-Fix Magic Corners by Planet Junko.

You'll be amazed what you can make and the hours of play you can get out of these teeny clips! Use them on their own or to bulk up your other JUNKO kits.

They work with cereal box type card and corrugated too - so young creators are free to make soooper-doooper toys then take 'em apart and make something new!

Of course they're made from RECYCLED PLASTIC and you won't be buying metres of sellotape or buckets of glue any more :)



JUNKO is a UK family business trying to show big manufacturers that awesome toys can be made sustainably. Born out of a love for making things they invented JUNKO to help kids (and grown-ups!) upcycle their home’s recycling into toys.

Made in the UK from recycled plastic and designed to last, you can use your JUNKO Build! Kit again and again

Recommended age 6-10 and adults will love it too!

Please note that this item is shipped directly from JUNKO and the price includes delivery.